ResourceART & Design

About ResourceART & Design...

Our owner was raised in a house filled with mid-century and antique Asian design elements. For the last 15 years with her business partner, their company, Savoy Antiques, has been selling English antiques at west coast and midwest shows. Over the last few years our interests have expanded to include an emphasis on original paintings and decorative items from other eras and countries. Mining estate sales and auction houses, we spend the hours that home and business owners don't have, to find the treasures they want.

ResourceART & Design Philosophy
We feel strongly about the glut of "stuff" in the world and how much of it is heading into landfills. These are some of the reasons we think buying from us will help with the problem...

1) Many decorative items are mass produced in foreign countries, taking jobs away from Americans. These items, sold in attractive retail chain stores, unfortunately become garage sale fodder the moment they exit the doors of the store.  

2) Design styles and fashion recycle about every 30 years. Instead of buying cheap imitations of classic designs, for about the same money (and often less), you can own the original.

3) Did you ever consider those household items that have been passed through families? The serving dish that saw so many important family gatherings or the armchair from which generations of dads have said "and that's last I want to hear about it!"; there's a history there that you can't get from slick, newly produced items.

4) Lastly, we truly believe that collecting is a great way of recycling. Everyone wants to reduce and re-use these days, a philosophy made for shoppers to ResourceArt & Design. We don't believe we should stop buying new things. Just carefully consider your purchases of new items and give a little thought to buying something with some history behind it.